About Us

Welcome to Carbide Corner. We created this site so we could provide high-performance cutting tools with the high-performance price direct to end users that are tired of paying too much for tools, especially from the industry leaders. We have partnered with several cutting tool companies that manufacture high-quality, high-performance tools, many of them exacting replicas of some of the industry’s most popular and best-known tools. Many more were designed to outperform the leaders. And do these things at a much lower price.

At Carbide Corner it is our mission to help educate customers that there are lots of choices for where and how to purchase their cutting tools. And most importantly to show them that many of the same tools and technologies offered by the industry leaders, at a premium price, are available from highly reliable and established sources at a considerable cost savings. And we have those products here at Carbide Corner.

And we’re so sure we can do it that we offer a 100% satisfaction guarantee on every purchase. We’ll even send you test product at no cost so you can decide for yourself if we’re right. We don’t pretend to have the broad product offering of the leaders. We don’t want to. We want to focus on a select group of products that are most widely known and used throughout the industry and offer them direct to our customers at an amazing price. And you won’t find everything you might think should be available, at least not at first. We’re going to start with a limited product selection that almost everyone can use and add to the line as grow and collect customer needs by analyzing product search requests. So, help us help you and use our search feature. If we don’t have it today, we may have it next week.

The bottom line is you have nothing to lose but the time it takes to test the product. And when you discover that the products from Carbide Corner do exactly what they promise at a significant savings, you’ll want to try more. So why wait? Start saving money today. We guarantee you’ll be glad you did