NTH Jaw Style Power Chuck-Air JH7-70


Self-Contained Power Chuck. No need for an extra rotary actuator. Aluminum alloy chuck body, light-weighted, good heat dispensation. Allows non-stop operation when loading/unloading parts. Widely applied to convert manual lathes into powered ones. Refer to the following figure.

Product Information

It used to be complex for users to convert a manual lathe into one with power work holding device since setting up a hydraulic system is quite troublesome.
NTH Rotary Power Chuck is specially designed to help users to set up a power chuck in a low cost and easy way. With its built-in rotary actuator, the Rotary Power Chuck can be installed and start working in less than 20 minutes.
Rotary Power Chuck comes with both air chuck and hydraulic chuck models that range from small sizes to large ones, giving users more options to choose from. Rotary Power Chuck now is widely applied to convert manual lathes to semi-auto ones with power work holding system, or is applied to build special purpose machines.






192 mm — 7.56 in.


155 mm — 6.1 in.

Power Type